The last two weeks have been rather intense and I haven’t had the time yet to share this pictures yet during our stay in Frankfurt for a little weekend get-away.

What I loved the most about our trip to Frankfurt was the different architecture in just one place, because I always thought that Frankfurt is really big, but actually you can do everything my foot and still see everything. I especially loved the old city and the Palmengarten, which I highly recommend to visit when you are in Frankfurt.

Travel Tip : Try to get lost in the city, because then you will find the best food places.

We stayed at the Skyline Hotel in Frankfurt, which was really lovely, because it was not far away from the city center and you had an amazing view (picture down below). The hotel room was really clean and modern, and affordable for everyone. The hotel had of course Wifi, which is always great, because when we are travelling we tend to stop being on our phone during the day to get the most of our trip and have some important quality-time. So when we are in the hotel, everybody can get his work done and check his phone.

The Palmengarten in Frankfurt is so lovely. You really need to visit it! It is a little piece of nature inside the big city and you can escape for a few hours. Reading a book or eating your lunch, it is really relaxing and you can reset your mind.


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